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Moroccan Mufleta Recipe

Before embarking on making my own mufleta, I reached out to some of my Moroccan Jewish friends. The first thing I learned is that mufleta is the kind of recipe that doesn’t really have exact measurements – granddaughters ask their grandmothers for specific amounts. But often the only recipe that is offered is: use flour, yeast, salt, oil to make a dough, form into rounds, then fry in a pan in a stack. I was lucky to get some advice from a Moroccan Jewish friend and amazing cook, Adassa Kurkus.

These tips were passed down to her from her own grandmother, and they helped guide me through the process which I’ve outlined in the recipe. From her, I learned how critical the oiling of the dough is in the process of forming each layer, and how a few holes here and there aren’t a big deal. While mufleta is similar to crepes, the yeast in the mufleta dough offers a bubbly delicate chewiness that’s different from your average thin pancake. Mufleta is delicious topped with melted butter and honey, and it’s also good with jam, syrup, nuts, or even a savory eggplant spread.

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Source: Jewish Living

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