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Posts published in “Jewish Diaspora”

What if the Jews took over Berlin?

A messianic figure recaptures Berlin for the Jews, who once called it home: That’s the thesis of a startling new artwork which poses hard questions…

Immigrating to Israel made me renounce Judaism

My dad’s an IDF veteran. My grandparents founded a kibbutz. Growing up in Denmark, I took my Jewishness for granted. But my experience of Israel’s…

In whose hands is the Holocaust?

Do Jews 1941=Uighurs 2021? Who decides, and according to what criteria, which atrocities and crimes against humanity ‘deserve’ a Never Again campaign? Source:

Stop talking about Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn’s already been tossed on the scrap heap of history, and Trump is on his way. But with populist antisemitism still growing, the threat Jewish…