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Posts published in “European Union”

Jews can’t let the genocide deniers win

A scant generation since committing the worst atrocities on European soil since the Holocaust, unrepentant Bosnian Serb leaders are on the secessionist warpath again. This…

As America retreats, China claims a corner of Europe

Balkan states have poor infrastructure, endemic corruption, high debt, soaring unemployment rates, weak rule of law and occasional war-mongering. And China loves them Source:

Why the Netanyahus are embracing 'Christian Europe'

Jewish nationalists defending ‘Christian Europe’ and attacking ‘evil globalism’? For Benjamin Netanyahu and conspiratorial son Yair, the illiberal Islamophobic ethno-nationalism of Europe’s radical right is…

Europe warns Modi: Don't mess with India's democracy

India’s recent discriminatory citizenship law has triggered rare censure from Europe, a close economic and strategic ally. How far will India’s foreign relations suffer as…