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This make me afraid

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Nobody Expects The

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Hannukah’s Lights and Winter Darkness?

As the days get shorter in the Winter cooking hearty dishes and lighting lights/candles can…help. Lighting the Menorah was obviously celebrates Jew’s triumph in continuing…

Question about conversion and gemara

I’ve been wanting to convert Orthodox for a while now but I’ve been putting it off because the idea of going to a rabbi is…

Shabbat Shalom!!

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Chief Rabbis: Who Needs ‘Em?

I have heard of chief rabbis and the rabbinate in Israel, and there is even a chief rabbi in the UK (Sacks I believe). In…

Is this a typical Ancestry DNA result?

My friend did a DNA test and this was his result. While I’m certainly relieved to see that the guy I went to cheder, yeshiva,…