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Posts published in “Israel settlements”

The 11th Commandment

The death of Hamdy Na’asan proves one thing: land that is hard to steal by means of Israeli laws is stolen by means of the…

The landlord is above the law

The truth in the land of illegal outposts is that the settlers are above the law, while the Palestinians are trampled by it Source:

Apartheid on the roads

The settlements have no raison d’etre without a strong, constant connection to Israel. The new road won’t whitewash the settlements and it won’t make the…

In the West Bank terror is good for the Jews

Only in the territories does Israel let a terror attack get the bulldozers moving. Authorizing illegal outposts is an act of revenge Source:

Australia, a true friend of Israel

The Australians recognize what is self-evident about West Jerusalem, but at the same time they also see as self-evident that East Jerusalem is slated to…