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Chavurah Worldwide

Go plant a tree

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I am sorry

Im 26 now but as a teen I was very close to neonazism and even convinced a few friends that the holocost hadnt happened. As…

Invited to an Orthodox wedding

As the title says, I was invited to the wedding of a friend of mine up in Monsey, and it’ll be a traditional Orthodox wedding.…

My creation

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Apologies from American Muslim

So happy to hear hostages are safe from a terrible hate fueled attack. May G-d bless and keep all innocents safe and send down security…

[OC] Slice and dice

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Strange question, but i’ll try.

Hello everyone! 3 years ago i found that i have jewish roots on mother line. I grew up without jewish education and i saw only…

Reaction to Current news situation

This news is terrifying, just wanted to send love and virtual hugs to everyone. Sitting here just taking it all in and praying for those…