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Chavurah Worldwide

Shabbat Shalom

submitted by /u/Socarmo [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

Thoughts on the Documentary Hypothesis

I’m not trying to start any debate. I won’t even post my own thoughts, I only want to hear yours. submitted by /u/makutamakaveli [link] [comments] …

Cowards of the left

What a pity that while the right’s leaders are committed to serving the settlers’ lobby – the leaders of the center-left are fleeing the issue…

When Netanyahu has enemies like that

Some of my Haaretz colleagues’ view of history unwittingly serves the prime minister Source:

Big Brother at right wing’s service

Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens have known for years that every digital move they made could haunt them, even if it’s supposedly protected under freedom…

Having trouble finding a Jew group

Hey all….. is anyone else running into this? Especially when I was in college I found that Jews often think that if I don’t support…