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Chavurah Worldwide

Bidiurnal Politics Thread – July 05, 2020

This is the daily politics and news thread. You may post links to and discuss recent political news stories with a relationship to Jews/Judaism in…

The Invisible Women

submitted by /u/EngineerDave22 [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

What does it mean to wear a Kippah?

Hello, recently I have been interested in delving into my Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and learning more about being Jewish as a race. I am not…

Shavua/Mazel Tov! – July 04, 2020

This is the thread to talk about your Shabbos, or just any good news at all. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

The term goblin

So Ive heard that goblin(s) is inherently an anti-Semitic term. That the portrayal of the hooked nose and coin collecting is specifically targeted towards Jews.…

Malachi 3

Who is Malachi talking about in Malachi 3? In Malachi 4 Elijah is specified – is Malachi 3 about Elijah as well? Thank you for…