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Chavurah Worldwide

Gift for Jewish friend?

I’m not Jewish, though I am interested in getting my friend something this Thursday. I’d like to maybe make it personal with some words, what…

Obligatory annual repost

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New painting :)

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Turkish/Sephardic Conversion Customs

Hi y’all, I’m about to do my mikvah for Conservative) conversion. While my synagogue is loosely Ashkenaz, I’m of Turkish lineage and would like to…

I’m exhausted

I am so tired – tired of the antisemitism, tired of choosing to educate people I thought were friends while they use words that are…

Davening 770

Curious about checking out 770. Can you just walk in for shacharit or mincha? what’s the vibe? Minyanim going on all day? Just curious, thx!…