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Details about Moshiach and the Messianic Era

What does scripture say, if anything, about the Jewish messiah in addition to the more commonly cited traits? These are that he is descended from…


I haven’t had a chance to ask my rabbi this, so I’m asking here because I know the importance of it. What prayer is said…

Learning how to Daven (pray)

I just found this awesome free resource on a shul’s website and I had to share. I can finally learn how to bentsch properly!! ahhhhhhhh.…

Book Recos Please!!!

Looking for good academic books that focus on Judaism and topics related to Judaism. Can be on any topic (Jewish Pirates, History of Jewish Mysticism…anything)…

Mensch on the bench

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My Jewish lizard :)

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Orthodox view on conservative

I’ve been converting to conservative Judaism for about 5 weeks now, I’ve recently gotten flak for this on the internet. From a Orthodox Jew. Does…

is Re-using Challah ok?

I keep the sabbath every week, and usually i buy or make challah. The thing is, i’m living in an apartment where I am the…

You know it’s true

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