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Judaism in Art?

Who are some good artists/painters who have depicted Judaism? (Especially things like Simchat Torah dancing! But really any practices of Judaism—Seders, Hanukah, or even the…

Judaism and violence in the Bible.

Until recently I considered myself a Christian, but now I’m an atheist and don’t see that changing anytime soon. One of the main reasons (and…

7:13 what is he reciting?

submitted by /u/DirtySodaStyrofoam [link] [comments] Source: Reditt

ATTENTION YEHUDIM!!!! ​ Watch when you have the time. Fascinating video on how the Torah uncannily parallels science before breakthroughs in the latter were even achieved…

Convertiong to judaism

Hello everyone ! I’ve been doing some researches about the possibility and the process of converting to judaism. Some sources says that it’s possible but…

Happy Simchat Torah.

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Services that aren’t mostly singing?

I want to be part of my Jewish community more but for the most part it seems like reform and conservative shuls mostly have song…

Talis vs Netz zman?

Does talis mean you can pray till shema, amd Netz when u can say shema? submitted by /u/justjust000 [link] [comments] Source: Reditt