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Posts published in “Jewish Diaspora”

Immigrating to Israel made me renounce Judaism

My dad’s an IDF veteran. My grandparents founded a kibbutz. Growing up in Denmark, I took my Jewishness for granted. But my experience of Israel’s…

In whose hands is the Holocaust?

Do Jews 1941=Uighurs 2021? Who decides, and according to what criteria, which atrocities and crimes against humanity ‘deserve’ a Never Again campaign? Source:

Stop talking about Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn’s already been tossed on the scrap heap of history, and Trump is on his way. But with populist antisemitism still growing, the threat Jewish…

No, Diaspora Jews won't divorce Israel over annexation

It’s a pipe-dream to expect that annexation will trigger a wholesale disengagement of Jewish Diaspora communities from an Israel running towards formalizing its undemocratic occupation …