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Shakshuka Spaghetti with Chickpeas Recipe

Shakshuka is my ultimate comfort food. Whether you order it at a restaurant or make it at home, there is nothing better than eating it straight out of a bubbling pan of spicy sauciness. There is also something almost sacred about eating food that’s had no pit-stops or interruptions: from flame to table.

Shakshuka originates from Tunisia and it’s now a staple on Israeli breakfast tables and restaurants, creeping up on menus all over the world. Traditionally, we dip and mop it up with pita bread or sourdough (or in my kitchen, leftover challah bread). It’s the ideal dish if you’re looking for a leisurely breakfast, or any meal for that matter, because with a generous serving of it (and that’s the way it should be) you can continue to spoon and wipe up the sauces long after the coffee has run out.

When I do any kind of tomato sauce-based cooking, I can rarely resist boiling up some pasta to swirl around in it, so in this case, pasta was my vehicle of choice to soak up the tomato-yolk concoction, as well as chickpeas for that extra bite (and fine, protein too). Spaghetti is easily maneuvered to make the perfect little ditches for the eggs to comfortably cook in, and if you haven’t yet tried the combination of salty runny egg yolks with pasta, it’s about time you do! However, don’t let the spaghetti scare you off, there will always be something left to clean up with a good piece of bread.

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