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Cauliflower Rice Shwarma Bowl Recipe Two Ways

Traditional shwarma can be made with turkey, lamb, or chicken, and is usually cooked slowly, stacked on a spit so that the meat and fat drips down onto itself, creating a moist, flavorful, and slightly crispy texture. The delicious meat is then stuffed into a fluffy pita and topped with a variety of veggies or sauces depending on your taste. Amba, a sauce made from dried, salted mango and spices, is one of the most favored toppings in Israel.

These cauliflower rice bowls are the health-ified version of the classic Israeli sandwich. If cauliflower rice isn’t your thing, swap it out for regular rice or quinoa. I have made it all of these ways and it’s so satisfying. If you are feeling like you want to be REALLY healthy, you could even turn this into a — gasp — salad.

Many supermarkets these days carry cauliflower rice either in the produce department near all the other skinny bitch food like spiralized zucchini noodles and such. Trader Joe’s carries cauliflower rice in the freezer section, which is what I have used with very successful results. But if you cannot find packaged cauliflower rice, you can make your own just using a nice head of cauliflower and a food processor.

You can cook the chicken or tofu in a pan, but I bake them for EASE and also, it is healthier. But don’t be mistaken — this shwarma is so well spiced and perfectly cooked you won’t feel like you’re eating health food. Blegh.

I will take absolutely zero credit for the amazing spice mixture in this recipe — it comes straight from Danielle Oron‘s cookbook Modern Israel Cooking, which I love and use regularly.

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