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Young Jewish Singles (below 30)

Hi, long time stalker, first time poster.

I’m a YJP living in Manhattan. Have a solid career and education and looking traits and values in the people I associate with. Call me an elitist.

Seeking to expand my dating life. I’ve dated non-Jewish girls before, but I think I’m at that stage of life where I am looking for something a bit more serious. Hence, Jewish women exclusively from now on.

I was a huge fan of Chabad in college, but I’m a bit too old for that crowd now. And I’m not interested in MEOR or MJE – a little too religious and with ulterior motives for my taste.

I’m not observant, but I am traditionally minded. And so many of the people one meets on the apps are Jewish in name only.

Wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on a community I could get involved with that would fit my demographic.

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