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Yiddish is Alive in New York!

Just some Jewish fluff for your day, I called a company in New York for my job and was given 3 language options for the automated message–English, Spanish, and to my surprise, Yiddish! I was tickled pink to hear this, both as a Jew and someone deeply interested in linguistics.

Now I’m from California, we have plenty of Jews but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone around here under the age of 75 who knows more Yiddish than “oy givault” “schvitzing” and “mensch”. I pretty much always viewed it as a language that was nearly dead and spoken mostly by the older generation. I was really surprised to see there are enough speakers still in NY to warrant it being a call language option!

Anyways, that pretty much made my day. My family is Sephardic so they spoke Ladino rather than Yiddish, unfortunately I dont know much of either. Would love to learn though!!

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