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Women blamed for men’s behavior

I have a friend who is converting and is being blamed by her boyfriends family because he doesn’t go home for Shabbat dinner every weekend and she doesn’t eat fully kosher. Her boyfriend doesn’t eat fully kosher either and acts hypocritical about the issue. One day he will eat non kosher out with friends (dairy and meat) then a few days later will attack his girlfriend for not eating kosher. My friend is going through the conversion a lot faster than I am because her boyfriend won’t get married to her until she is fully converted. She goes to shul, wears modest dresses, does Shabbat dinner, is learning Hebrew, etc. For someone who grew up in a non religious home she is doing a lot of lifestyle changes very rapidly. We both also get asked by the rabbis if we will allow our significant others to go to shul. I come from a different upbringing so am wondering if it’s normal to have this kind of pressure on the women?

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