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Wolves in sheep’s clothing

For the record, I am not Jewish and I’m white. Certain subreddits dedicated to hate are growing even larger, I have tried to debate them in good faith to help them see their wrongs but these people can not be reasoned with. They lack the understanding individuals have moral worth.

I have tried to do everything I can, including submitting reports with compiled evidence of them breaking the Content Policy numerous times. Reddit admin u/gaazda is now investigating those subreddits and I know they will be removed.

In recent times, some of the general populous try to play anti-Semitism or other forms of racism off as “jokes” and these are no less harmful than any other form of racism. These comments deceivingly appear to be just jokes to others and therefore must be reprimanded, and you must stand your ground when they attempt to further disguise subtle racism.

Groups like the alt-right claim they face a white genocide, they claim Jews are behind everything, and claim everything about modern society is anti-white. These people also claim to value love for their own race, not hatred for others, yet these are all lies. The vast majority of people attracted to the alt-right community seeks only to forcefully remove others from their homes and lives.

I believe this hate is spreading, and I wish I could do more. All races deserve respect and should not be subject to prejudice. I don’t believe I broke any rules with this post, and if I did I sincerely apologize. I have nothing but good willed intentions with this message.

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