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Will I be accepted?

Hi all. I am someone who is NOT born Jewish. I was raised by two fully atheist parents I got interested in religion in high school and have been involved in various Jewish communities, on and off, for more than a decade. I also have also recently discovered a small amount of Jewish ancestry, not that it matters much as I am still not technically Jewish.

Prior to recently my job was such that moved around a lot so I was never able to commit to a conversion program until this year, and I should be finishing up in a few months (converting conservative).

Anyway I have sort of a public job, I am not famous or anything but people know who I am and I am in the public eye a lot. I have also kept my spiritual life separate from my public life, however most my close friends/family know I am converting. I let it slip to someone recently in a professional setting that I’m going out of town for Passover, and he got all interested being a Jew himself and then told me there are often events for Jewish young professionals (media, pundits, politicians, staffers, etc.) and he would let me know when the next one is.

Honestly, I would love to go to something like that as my Jewish social circle is very small, the community I am currently part of is not the most welcoming (something my Rabbi is aware of and we are working through together). Actually, the city itself that I live in is sort of .. unfriendly overall. I’m a little worried if I go to an event like that people will find it really weird that a young woman engaged to a non jew is converting, and I’m worried I will be not accepted and maybe even have it impact my reputation, especially since most of the people likely aren’t even particularly religious. I’d just love some outside opinions on this as I can’t tell if it’s my social anxiety speaking or if my concerns are valid. I’m just worried about being treated as an outsider which would be painful for me.

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