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WIBTA if I held our wedding on the first night of Hanukkah?

I think a Hanukkah wedding would be so lovely. I also read that it’s very auspicious to have a wedding on Hanukkah on the Chabad website. I was happy to learn that the first night falls on a Sunday evening – perfect!

But my brother thinks I’d be a major asshole if I did that. In his words: it’s in bad taste; it’s self-centered, like I’m trying to make the holiday about myself; that many people wouldn’t be able to attend; or that many people would be forced to sacrifice events with their families in order to attend.

I legitimately never thought of any of those things – I just thought Hanukkah would be a lovely time to gather everyone together in beautiful, twinkle-light-filled setting, light the menorah at the chuppah, celebrate, dance, eat latkes…

So, would I be the asshole? Please advise!

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