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Why do you think anti-Semites go out of their way to use stereotypical/over the top "Yiddishisms"?

I can’t flair this post from my mobile app but obviously this is a discussion of anti-Semitism. I’ve noticed a lot of anti-Semites use over the top Yiddishisms. One I’ll see is “oy vey the goyim know” and similar variations. (As an aside, shout out to my oblivious 16 year old self for grabbing the username “oyveythegoyim” when I was interested in conversion and asking questions, keeping an antisemite from using it). I also find when people talk about shekels it’s usually antisemites. I’m very interested in WWII history so I end up running into a lot of neo-Nazi Wehraboo assholes online and they deploy these kinds of tactics, which is good because they identify themselves and I can block them. Is this a historical phenomenon or is it a newer neo-Nazi/far right variant of old antisemitic tropes?

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