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why are jews so financially successful?

***i am not saying jews are better than anyone else, i am simply stating a conception projected upon jewish people***

there’s only 6 million of us in the entire world, and most, if not all of the jews i have met are financially well off. i grew up on long island, new york, where there is a strong jewish presence. long island also happens to have some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world. most jews in america are either here or in LA, were it’s the same deal.

i was raised half here and half in israel, where i attended an international school and university. i have met people from all over the world and every single one of them is “rich”. french jews, german jews, austrian jews, israelis, spanish, south americans.. they are all well off. tuition at that university at the time was $10,000 per year including housing which is nothing if you compare it to anywhere else in the US. stereotypes don’t stem out of thin air, there is always some degree of truth to it and the common conception is that jews = money and has been like that since the beginning of time it seems.

israel is one of the biggest tech/startup titans in the entire world. a jew is a banker, or a lawyer, or a doctor, all high paying careers… WHY?! what is the explanation behind this?

my family is in commercial real estate across NYC, a business and career path i have chosen to learn. there is so much money in that, and nearly everyone in that business at a high level is jewish. hell, there are israelis who my family does business with who have been here for 10 years , without even a citizenship and barely even know english and have portfolios worth $100MM. how do you explain that? don’t get me wrong there are plenty of jews who are not well off, i’m just saying that most jews i have come across have some degree of wealth.

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