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Which is Worse? And What Can I Do?

Is eating pork worse than eating shrimp? And is cooking lamb in milk worse than both? What happens if I’ve done these things—especially the last? What can I do to redeem myself?

That’s the short of it. The long—I have been cooking curries recently and most recipes I tried called for cooking lamb in milk. I told my mom about this and she freaked, saying were not supposed to do that, its really bad…like, really bad for Jews to do that. Thing is, we’re Reform and my mom loves to eat shrimp! Shes also lactose intolerant so dairy products were never present at home and we never really had to devote much effort to separating meat and dairy since dairy was never there!

Is cooking lamb in milk a really bad thing for Jews? Why? What is the moral significance of it? Also now I feel like I did something wrong…repeatedly. Is there a way to redeem myself? What can I do? Is there something more broad or significant I can do in addition to not repeating the mistake? If the rule is in place because it is animal cruelty to cook the lamb in its mothers milk, are there Jewish things to do that involve special kindness to animals or that honor our knowledge of the wrongs of unnecessary cruelty? And now that I’ve done this, is there anything I can do to change it? Is my fate sealed? I dont know how to make sense of this all!

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