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I’m Jewish by birth but cant prove it. My grandma was adopted during the war by a catholic family. She spoke Yiddish/French and had to learn English. She was about 5-7. We have no pictures. Ive found one 3rd cousin but they do not wish to be contacted or share there family tree. They did not knew her birthday only she was born in France. We celebrated Hanukkah and that’s about it. Her nick name was Mushka. Her birth certificate reads as her adopted family was her real family. I knew I do t have to do conversations classes. However I really want too to learn and officially become a Jew on paper. I do want to become a citizen of Israel as well. I also have the colth from the chuppah from her parents wedding. Which my grandparents used at every Hanukkah. Any direction or insight would be appreciated. She refused to talk about it and took what information she had with her. I’ve also joined some Jewish DNA databases with no luck. I’m about 40 percent Jewish DNA on my Mom side. I guess I’m just lost and kinda upset everything was buried instead of talk about.

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