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Where to start conversion?

I’m looking to convert to Judaism, and I have no idea where to start. I live in the country outside Portland, Oregon, and I’ve looked at where the closest synagogue is to me, and it’s like 25 miles away. I can’t really go that far, because I don’t have a car, and there is no public transportation near me. My little town has everything I need, and if I need to go into another town with more establishments, I get a ride. However, the closest town to me is only like 10 miles away, and that’s about as far as my family is willing to go, if I ask for a ride somewhere. I’m not sure where to start, or what to do. I was raised Christian, then after searching my heart, and doing research I’m certain that the Christian Bible is not the truth. It’s very inaccurate, and the accounts between the disciples is very contradictory.

People have asked me why I don’t just become a Noahide, but that’s not good enough for me. I feel very connected to the Almighty, and I want to be with Him. I feel like I was Jewish in a past life, or something. I’ve always had some things about me that I’ve never understood. When I was a kid I hated bacon, pork, crab, shrimp, most shellfish, etc. Then my parents forced me to eat that stuff, and eventually I just forced myself to like it. I also hated bloody meat, and anything with blood. When I didn’t want to eat chicken with blood, my parents told me it was just a tendon, and to eat it. As I’ve gotten older, I’m back to disliking that stuff again, and I’ve been wondering why for a while now, about a year. I think it’s because I was Jewish in a past life, and as a child I knew those things weren’t kashrut. I even asked my parents why Christians claim to believe in the Almighty, but disregard His commandments like keeping kosher. They always told me that Jesus came to earth to fulfill the law, so that we wouldn’t have to follow it anymore. As a child, I always felt like they were wrong, but I had read in the Old Testament (the tanakh) that we are supposed to honor our mother and father, so I would stop asking questions.

Now that I feel that Christianity was made up by the Catholic Church, I want out. I want to convert to Judaism, and really get to know the Almighty. I feel like He has always protected me, and watched out for me, but I feel like it’s been limited, because I’m not Jewish. The Almighty has also brought people into my life that I feel like has confirmed/validated the truth for me, that Judaism is the truth, and there is no other creator.

If anyone has any advice for me on where I should begin, I’d really appreciate it. It’s quite overwhelming for me. Thanks!

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