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Whatever Happened to the Feast of the First Fruits of Wine?

Was reading about this a while back; it came to my attention after shavuot this year, thinking about how that holiday began as the harvest festival for the people of ancient Israel, and came to serve as a commemoration of the people receiving torah—the subject of the holiday’s celebration changed (or maybe “grew”) in order to retain its function for a people in diaspora that weren’t able to celebrate the life & labor of a united tribe via a harvest festival anymore.

Obviously the date itself in the calendar (3rd of Av) was supplanted by the observation of the nine days, but the original holiday seems like it used to be one of considerable significance.

Has there ever been consideration of restoring the holiday in Israel, either in our times or after conditions are met? Has its significance already been merged with other observations? Or is this one forever lost to the history books—er, scrolls?

Anyone else interested in this?

Bonus: is my interpretation of Shavuot wildly off?

Hoping for input from anyone interested in jewish history/ethnography, and the thoughts of frum folks when they get back online—Shabbat Shalom, y’all!

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