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What is the spiritual significance of the Adam and Eve myth (both in the present day Judaism and early Judaism)?

I’m not religious, but I have a strong interest in the history behind different religions. I understand that Judaism (or whatever it was called back then) was established quite a while before Christianity, which sort of branched off from Judaism but retained belief in some of the religious notions of Judaism. I’m aware that in Christianity, the significance of the Adam and Eve myth is that it illustrates how humanity sinned and then took on the responsibility for redeeming themselves and returning to god. I was wondering if in Judaism (where the myth originated), the Adam and Eve story has spiritual significance or if it’s a sort of “plot device” if you will, which serves to explain how humanity came to exist. BTW, I also understand that there’s a lot of variation in opinion among Jewish sects as to correct interpretations of scripture, I’m just wondering what a few of the prominent interpretations of this story would be.

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