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What does the story of Joseph in Egypt mean to you?

Hi friends! Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions here. I’d love to hear your perspective on it (disclaimer: I’m a Utah raised Christian guy trying to learn more about the Old Testament.)

Regarding the story of Joseph in Egypt:

What is the point of the story? Why is it there? What are we supposed to learn from it?

How is the story taught to you? What are you told is the “moral of the story?”

It seems to me that it also parallels the story if Moses and the exodus (children of th covenant, made poor choices, find themselves in bondage peril, someone leads the, out, they must prove their return to devotion through a repentant heart, final,y they are delivered…am I anywhere in the ballpark here?)

And final question: what is a covenant, to you? (What is the Hebrew word? What does it mean? How is it used? Is it only referring to divine relationships or is it a common term as well?

Thanks for your help! 😄

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