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What conversions do Sephardic communities accept?

I am currently dating a Sephardi, but we live in an area with virtually no Sephardic community. I am not yet sure if I want to convert, but I am seriously considering it, and regardless of whether or not I do my partner and I would like to one day move to a place that does have a Sephardic presence. If I convert here, with an ashkenazi Rabbi, how likely is that to be accepted by Sephardic communities? Will they only accept orthodox converts? I know the answer is likely to vary but any knowledge or experience people are willing to share would be much appreciated.

Update: Thank you everyone who has responded so far, especially those who have pointed to me to other resources. All your help is invaluable to me as I navigate this. I just have one more question, for anyone that checks back or stumbles upon this later. If I converted with a conservative or reform synagogue, but followed strict orthodox regulations, would that conversion be accepted as orthodox? I assume if so, I would have to make sure the Rabbi I convert with is ethnically Jewish with orthodox roots and/or had an orthodox conversion.

The reason I ask is because there aren’t many orthodox synagogues in my city, and all of them are well out of my walking distance range. I’m now considering just studying with one of the reform synagogues in town but not fully converting until we have moved, but I don’t know, this is all still very up in the air for me.

Update 2: okay please stop telling me Syrian Jews do not accept converts. I didn’t mind it at first but it’s getting to be like every other response. I know that, it’s not relevant to my situation, but thank you.

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