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What are the Ladino equivalents to common Yiddish phrases, words, and sayings?

I’m going to the Greece/FMR Yugoslavia later this year, where Ladino was often spoken by the Jews of these regions. I’m Ashkenazi, so I’m familiar with some Yiddish, and was wondering what the Ladino equivalents are for the following:

  • Good Shabbos
  • Shabbos goy
  • Jew(s)/Jewish (which I know in Yiddish is ‘yid’/yidden/yiddishe)
  • oy vey
  • kvell/kvetch
  • shiksa
  • bentching
  • shtick
  • chutzpah
  • shnorrer

also, would love to know some native Ladino sayings, phrases.

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