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What are all the different interpretations of why we break glass during weddings?

I was recently at a wedding where I heard an interpretation I had never heard before and of course now I can’t remember what it was so it go me thinking – how many interpretations are there and are there others I haven’t heard yet.

I’ve heard the following interpretations:

  • Remembering the destruction of the second temple
  • Generally remembering the suffering of our ancestors
  • A reminder that there is both sorrow and happiness in marriage
  • Symbolizing the frailty of relationships so we remember to work hard at our marriage
  • All potential cracks in the relationship go into the glass and in smashing it, we hope the relationship will be seamless
  • Symbolizing that a marriage is not about material goods, but about loving and committing to one another.

So let’s hear them – what other interpretations are there?

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