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"Wandering Jew" plant?

I work in a high end garden center in a big US city. We have a very diverse clientele.

There’s a plant called Spiderwort. Its common name is “Wandering Jew.” Many people would recognize it, and the name is pretty familiar.

We were discussing this today at work, and were wondering if that name comes across as offensive in any way. None of us are Jewish, and we have no idea why it’s called that. It just seems odd in 2019 to casually call a plant by at name that refers to a religion. And to even have a printed sign from our store labeled as such along with its price and facts about its basic care.

So—Jewish Redditors: Does the name “Wandering Jew” for a plant offend Jewish people? Is it even borderline? We could just call it Spiderwort, but that name is not as well known. We honestly don’t know what do do, and we certainly don’t want to use a name that sounds offensive, or even callous. We are genuinely curious.

Thanks for your input.

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