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Visiting a Synagogue Help? NYC [Non-Jew]

Hi! I’ve recently moved to NYC and I noticed there’s a Synagogue on my walk to the metro station. Unless you folks tell me not to, I figured maybe I’d stop by some Saturday and sit in on a service just to see what’s going on.

This is the particular one I’ve been seeing. Could you guys maybe help me figure out when I should go, what I should wear (woman), and what to expect?

I already know how to tie a tichel, if that would be appropriate, and I’m under the impression that often women sit separate from men, right? What’s a “kiddush”? What’s “Tisha B’Av”?

If there’s somewhere else in NYC you think I should check out (maybe after this one since this one is so conveniently located), tell me about that one to! (Like the best time to go, etc)

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