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Trying to find the source of an apocryphal story…

So this story has been rattling around my head forever – maybe for twenty years since before my Bar Mitzvah. I probably have details wrong and it might not even exist, but it’s such an interesting story I need to see if I can find the source.

In the story, G-d appears before Abraham and its the first time this has happened (so I suppose he would still be Avram). They have a little conversation back and forth, basically Abraham is asking G-d which god is he? Is he the god of the river? And G-d replies he’s the G-d of all things. Abraham doesn’t believe that can be, is he the god of that mountain over there? And G-d replies he is the creator of all things. This goes back and forth a bit before Abraham finally realizes that G-d is the one true deity, etc…

Does anyone know a source for this? Has anyone ever heard this story before? I definitely heard it in Temple.

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