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Trying to combat anti-Semitism as a young arab Muslim

Throwaway account since I’m trying to keep my main account about comedy.

You might be reading the title while either cussing me out or wondering what’s even going on, but whatever. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you these days to hear that the view of jews in the eyes of a lot of arabs aren’t that good because of all the tension happening between Palestinians and Israelis, first I want to sincerely apologize on behalf of everyone here for the view they built, so I’m trying to inform everyone that jews are people just like everyone else. It really makes me sad to see that a lot of Muslim people in the middle east have such a negative view of jews, especially since they should be considered as “people of the book” in Islamic beliefs. I don’t think there’s much I can do in terms of the “older generation”, but I’m trying to inform everyone in my school about the situation and it seems to be working out well, I was surprised to actually hear that some of the younger demographic didn’t even know that Judaism is a religion, and I was also equally as surprised in seeing that I wasn’t the only one with this view in my area, so far I think I’m doing pretty good progress, most of the people in my neighborhood seem to be more understanding and willing to learn more. Sorry if this doesn’t belong here or if it’s too long or terribly formatted, I just wanted to share this experience with you guys, wish me luck and have great day!

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