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Trying to avoid buying Judaica until I convert… and it’s hard!

So, while I have only contacted a local rabbi once so far, I have told myself that I will try to observe a Jewish life to the best of my ability, and that I would avoid buying any Judaica until I officially convert. That way, if I decide not to, I wouldn’t be stuck with all these things in the end.

I never realised how much Judaica there was that beautifies so many things in Jewish life, from Shabbatot to chagim, from tefillot to home blessings with hamsa, and on my personal vain wishlist: a beautiful pomegranate necklace.

Any tips on trying to avoid buying anything? Basically, I have been replacing what I need with their more neutral or available counterparts: using a napkin instead of a challah cover; using a wine glass over a proper kiddush cup; using two birthday candles instead of a havdalah candle, etc. Pesach will include a metal tray with small glass dishes for my qe’ara, and fine plastic dinnerware, lol.

The only exception I’m making are Chanukah-related items (thank goodness for Chanukah 2017), because the rarity of those items plus the bombardment of all things Christmas in Canada are so overwhelming!

It certainly doesn’t help living in a redneck-wannabe region of Canada, and that Judaica is not only pricier, but the shipping from USA to Canada is ridiculous, lol.

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