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top jewish virtues

so there’s lots of variations and things within

  • and each subcategory maybe has their own ranking or priorities of virtues and stuff

  • im assuming that this reddit has a specific kind of judaism so this way question could be answered

    • if you’re answering for a specific category within judaism, you could just mention which subrelgiion it is

as examples of virtues,

  • ‘temperance’ is kinda like ‘modest composure, which is how i interpret the word

  • virtues are basically the quality of a person that is valuable or good to have

a ranking or priority list of ‘jewish’ virtues would basically be a list of what virtues are more important to any given relgions, in case judaism

a ranking or priority listing of negatives or ‘sins or anit-virtues’ is good well

  • sins such as 7 sins appears to come from Catholicism as very few other ppl have said


  • so im more focused on the virtues since there doesnt seem to be any 7 sins equivalent in other ‘judaism’ relgions and possibly any other religons

for virtues, im looking specifically for things that are commonly practised & done, and not things that are just said to be valued. this is the case with all things and topics in general

p.s. also over at r/Proposal – we’re also looking for a christian counselor that would act like an advisor. we’ve recently had some problems with a few ppl not having consistent virtues. if you’d like to join the proposal team, just send a chat/msg

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