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The Priority in Religious Judaism?

Hi – Coptic Orthodox Christian here.

From my readings into Judaism so far, it seems to me there are parallels in concept to Christianity, but differences in focus.

The priority of Christianity is God Himself, believing that our personal reciprocation with Him is central to all else, from which our thoughts, behaviour, and the like would be effected. This is why to us the Incarnation is paramount, because God descends to us in a literal fashion, that we may ascend to Him by turn.

In Judaism, the focus seems to be less so on the who of God, but what He does and says, so that then that it is understood He is the source of all good, communicated through the natural world to all people, and through the Law to the Jews. The focus therefore is not so much on personal reciprocation with God, but following His commandments and reciprocating good and just behaviour with each other as people, manifesting the image of God in us by doing so.

Do I seem to be on the right track in understanding Judaism? How would you describe the focus of your religion? Any books you might recommend I’ll gladly look into also.

Thanks in advance 😊❤

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