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The cost behind Kashrut: why?

I was recently at a Kosher market scoping out things to try for when my girlfriend, who wants to keep a Kosher house, moves in. That being said, anything that can be bought at a cheaper place (like non-food) will be – I’ll just wash all non-Jew produced utensils in a mikveh.

WHY is Kosher food, especially meat, so crazy expensive? How of much of that money actually feeds people vs makes fat cats richer? Is there any way to lower the cost? I find it incredulous that many of the same people who argue that more Jews should keep Kosher lack answers on how to get it more affordable.

Also, if I only buy food (not utensils, soda, etc.) at a Kosher market, assuming I wash all non-Jew produced utensils in a mikvah, have a Kosher kitchen, would I still be considered as “keeping kosher?”

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