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The Boiling Waters

I’m halfway through reading a book about The Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his messianic doctrine. It’s called “The Final Redeemer” and it’s fantastic in my opinion, I highly recommend it to anyone Kabbalistically inclined (even though there’s a lot of errors in the English).

I just finished reading a chapter where they quote The Rebbe talking about the last millennium being like Shabbat, and I have a question about a particular statement. The quote reads as follows:

“Anyone who pays attention to what occurs in this universe sees that this is Sabbath Eve, prior to the time of Candle
Lighting. It is already, thank G-d, Friday afternoon. The only suffering left is to immerse in the boiling waters that
cleanse all impurity, in order to greet the Fine Guest, anticipated by all of our Jewish Brethren throughout the world
(including the Holy Land) — speedily, in our time, Amen.”

I understand the metaphors except for “The boiling waters that cleanse all impurity”. What is this referring to? My only guess is Chassidism, as it is constantly referred to as “Wellsprings”. Any insight or feedback on this would be appreciated.

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