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Tackling Conflict

TL;dr- Struggling with Jewish identity and being a humanitarian because of the hostility in Israel/Palestine.

I have always been questioning how Israeli handles the Palestinian population and only as I’ve gotten older have I been able to discover more about the developing situation.

My Hebrew and Jewish educators always taught the issue as a very, very complex one; something that is a bigger problem then good vs. evil. And today I have a very close friend that is Palestinian so I get to talk with her about the situation and she agrees with that the issue isn’t simple. Yesterday I was able to see Haneen Zoabi speak about her position in the Knesset. And through that I was able to learn a lot about the things ‘outsiders’ don’t get to see as civilians/those not in the government. And she did want the people listening to separate Jewishness from the Israeli government. On r/Israel many people there are either overly supportive of Israel (duh, I’m not criticizing that) or those on the subreddit also don’t like how things are being run, but are villainized in their own country.

So where do you get reliable news on the situation? (apparently Haaretz publisher was outed for racism, so I’m wary of them)

I don’t really know what to believe in this situation. Israel is so closely tied to the Jewish identity, but unfortunately there has been so much terror and grief I feel like my ethics for equality are being questioned. I have always been someone willing to listen to both sides, and I always try to be bi-partisan.

Has anyone else struggled with this?

(but also I LOVE being Jewish and I don’t want to give up a big part of my identity because of this struggle)

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