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symbol of Judaism

Background: I’m an artist with a t-shirt brand that focuses on history, culture, and pride. I’m working on a design that highlights a not so well-known city nickname of my hometown (Rochester, NY). The nickname has its roots in our history of immigrants coming to the area and blending their cultures and traditions together. There is strong influence from German, Irish, Polish, Czech, Italian, and European Jewish culture.

Question: I’m using simplified symbols based on the regional flags of those cultures, but I’d like to confirm direction about which symbol best represents those of Jewish faith historically and recognizably. My immediate thought seemed obvious, but I recognize the polarizing nature of the Star Of David among some sects, as well as other religions. Should I use the Menorah instead? Chai? or another symbol? I’m curious to you guys’ thoughts on what would be the best way to feature Jewish culture and history and, potentially, be as universally accepted as possible.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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