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SUPER SERIOUS QUESTION: Family member getting beaten up at yeshiva (age 15) and calling cops, and loshon hara (Rosh wont do anything)

So what’s the deal? The Rosh Yeshiva’s attitude is “Boy’s will be boys”. I’m not naming the Yeshiva here for Loshon Hara purposes although honestly I’d be glad to. I want to go to the cops. This must end. Halachacly… I’ve given every chance for the yeshiva to do better but at this point i’m at a loss.

Yes, I can have my sister pull him out of the place and go to another yeshiva but I want justice!

The Rosh Yeshiva is a big fan of “All for the boss” and believes that every gets what they deserve.

If I rat them out to the cops I’ll be an outcast in my community.

What should I do?

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