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Story #4: Not Mr. Holland

Hello, everyone ))) Spending the day at the ER, yesterday, it made me think that I better get through my stories. So here it is, and again, thank you for reading )))

Story #4: Not Mr. Holland

“I can not remember whether it was Fall of 1991 or Spring of 1992, but there it was, my dreams were about to come true, I was about to take a Music class! My mind was happily filled with Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Jodeci, and so many artists. One of my poems was proudly displayed on the wall of the school’s hallway. So I was ready to learn those notes and chords, baby!

As I mentioned in previous story, my, Junior High school had attendants. Later, in High School, they were referred to as teacher assistants. Those were some of the most important people in my life, shaping some of my, best characteristics and abilities. I, still remember all of their names. Except, for the life of me, I cannot recall whose job it was to wheel me to the music class. All I remember is that when we got there, the attendant told me that they could not stay with me, during the class, and that a different attendant would pick me up, after the music class. I, instantly knew that meant, as this was happening in some of my, other classes. That meant, notes would not be taken, but that would be the worst part. Worst part was that I would not be able to take tests or quizzes. And so it went on… Nobody was talking notes for me, and the music teacher did not share his notes with me. Without notes, I tried to memorize, as much as I could, but there were limits, especially with the level of English that I understood. I was a very shy teenager, and so I did not ask for his notes. Many of the students were from my other classes. They were aware of my abilities. They were smarter than the school system. The students that were closest to me, they would cheat off me. One time, the music teacher noticed something, and ask if I knew the answers. Like I said, I was a shy teenager, and I didn’t say anything, back. It continued, like this. I couldn’t take any tests or quizzes. In the end, the music teacher gave me a D, like they do for a “Special” student, just to pass them. None of that really, bothered me, except for the last month of that class. Because, one day, we came to the class, and that music teacher says he has new, amazing equipment that the school’s music department has received, and that he wants to show it this equipment to us.

In front of the classroom, there was long desk. On top of that desk was a PC, a monitor, and desktop speakers. I recognized it, because I was using computers in other classes, especially the wood workshop. The music teacher says that this computer has a revolutionary software, future of music composition. Of course, I was beyond excited. Music + computers, WOW! So the music teacher fiddles with the computer, starts it up, opens the amazing music software. Then, he invites all the students to get up, from their desks, to watch him do a demonstration of the music software. So all the students stand up and gather around the computer. I cannot see the computer monitor, just the students’ backs. From the back of the classroom, I can’t, even hear the speakers. This goes on, for at least,15 minutes. Not at any point, did the music teacher bother to push my wheelchair towards the computer. I don’t think that I have to tell you how I felt. This would continue, till the end of the semester. The teacher would gather the students around the computer, while I would seat at the back of the classroom.

I guess this incident made a lasting impression on me, because I remembered the name of the software that the teacher was showing off. 5 years later, I was in front of my own, voice activated, Personal Computer. On the screen of my monitor, there it was, the latest version of Cakewalk (Digital Audio Workstation), software to produce MIDI music. In retrospective, I find it incredibly ironic that the school system and the teacher have failed to teach music to a person that would grow up and dedicate their entire life to Arts, especially Music, and they would do it all, on PC.”

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