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Story #3: Off With Their Head

Hello everyone. I feel kind of posting anything right now, with all tension. In my defense, when was there no tension… So here is another one of my little stories. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it )))

Story #3: Off With Their Head

“Before I tell the next story, I’ll say that I will not be using any, real names for any of my stories, unless… they are a Public Figure……

It was Fall of 1990, and my family has settled into our, new home, a Garden apartment in Chicago. I already started school, in the Spring of that year. It was my first time that I, actually went to a school, instead of being homeschooled! A bus with a wheelchair lift would pick me up and take me to a Junior High school in the city. For us, this was Science Fiction! On the school bus, besides the driver, there was another person, bus attendant. An attendant would help the driver to fasten seat belts and to strap wheelchairs down to the floor and to keep the order (some students had behavior disorders). The school also had attendants (some of them were the same ones from the buses), to help students with whatever their disabilities would require! School had automatic, sliding doors!! Mind, blown!!!

During the summer, I had an extensive surgery. My muscles were recovering, and so I was strapped into my wheelchair with a 4 point harness. On top of that, I was wearing leg braces with metal chassis. I couldn’t move, not an inch. It was an end of a school day, and the attendants’ job is to take the students (those that couldn’t do it on their own) down to the school busses, to go home. One, particular attendant didn’t, always like to do that, as she seemed in a hurry to get home, herself. So, she found a brilliant solution. She would get any able bodied students to push the disabled students in wheelchairs, down to the busses. On that, particular day, the clever attendant handed me off to a 6 foot, 18 year old girl. “Sweet!” Wrong… The student that was now pushing me in a wheelchair, towards the automatic, sliding doors, the school staff would refer to her as “Special.” They said that she would be going to this school, till the age of 21. Through the sliding doors, I could see my bus driver, opening the door to the wheelchair lift and the bus attendant, getting the bus ready. My bus driver and attendant were some of the strangest people you would, ever meet. The bus driver was always smiling, telling funny anecdotes that happened to him. He had a soft, calming voice with a lisp. Same for the bus attendant, she was nice, always had nothing but nice things to say. And even back then, I recognized that she out of this world, beautiful. Imagine Beyonce but taller. I don’t like to use clichés, but both seemed be almost angelic.

So, the sliding doors open. About a foot outside of the doors, an incline starts. The incline is like a huge garage driveway, leading down to a sidewalk, where the school busses are parked. It is at least, 25 feet, about 5 degrees of incline. As soon as my, newly appointed assistant gets to the incline, something catches her attention. She lets go of me in a wheelchair and starts walking in a completely, different direction (I’m guessing, towards her bus). She was known for losing focus and to wander off, amongst the school staff. As my, heavy orthopedic wheelchair with the braces picking up speed faster than a cannonball, my bus driver is unfolding the wheelchair lift. The driver has his back turned to me, and the attendant is preparing the bus. When my i get to the bottom of the incline, wheelchair lift is unfolded but not down to ground, hanging, about 4 feet in the air, like a giant, horizontal guillotine. Right before my throat hits edge of the lift and I am decapitated, the driver turns around and stops my wheelchair, dead in its tracks, by putting just one hand on my armrest. Then, he smiles and calmly says, “we can’t have that now, we gotta keep you in one piece.” Then, I see a look of absolute horror on attendants’ face, as she also turns and sees my neck, an inch away from the ramp of the lift. I don’t know why, but I was never afraid. On a bus, the attendant, she asked if I was ok, scared? But, it’s like somehow, I knew that he was going to catch me.

I never told my parents about any of that. I loved my school. I didn’t want make scene, cause a scandal, possibly, go to different school (my mom was very strong willed). Plus, I just discovered something pretty amazing. Next year, as elective class, I can choose Music! I did not want to jeopardize that.”

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