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Still I am a jew ?


So I have this question, but before I’ll introduce my situation.

I’m born in a jew family, my mom is jew and my father jew orthodox. I’m circumcised, have made my bar mitzvah etc…

Fort the last 7 years I live alone without my parents. When I quit the family home 7 years ago, I totaly forget my judaism. Explanation : I don’t do anymore shabbat or célébration. I have many tattoos… The one thing I respect is the food, never pork and I try to eat kosher.

When my father call me to came with him for shabbat/célébration in synagogue I always decline (for 7 years now). He is very sad but it’s like that.

I believe in G.od, not in the jew outline but in a superior strenght.

So there is my question : still i am a jew ?

PS : sorry for bad english

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