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[SPOILERS for The Umbrella Academy] What do you think about that infamous scene in the last episode?

I’m sorry if this is out of topic or I was to vague in the title but I wanted to spoil as little as possible about it.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about a scene in episode 10 where “The Handler” says a phrase in Yiddish. This isn’t anything until you take into account she’s someone of high rank on a secret organization who pulls the strings around the biggest events in the world. So yeah… you can see the issue with that.

To be honest at first I didn’t really mind and loved the series until its ending but after finishing it I looked it up too see if there was any specific reason for this phrase only to find out the scene has been condemned as antisemitic by a bunch of people.

I obviously get why it was deemed as so but I don’t wanna jump in the antisemitism bandwagon and condemn the show just yet. I honestly don’t know how it got through to all stages until being published and no one said anything.

So after all that rambling my question is: How do you feel about all these and the show in general? Do you think it’s means something about the creators or if it’s just a stupid oversight?

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