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Some questions i have :))

Please dont min my poor English :))

So i am reading the Torah (not to convert just because i find it interesting) and i just finished genesis and have these questions which i admit i could easily research but would rather ask the ones who knows it the best :))

First question is:

as i have read genesis i realized they never mentioned an afterlife not even out of context or anything (unless i by mistake didnt see it), and i am sure it will probably mention it later in the Torah, but if i dont know it i know i would just try to focus on my answer to much and not actually understand what i read; so here is my question, Do Jews believe in the afterlife? heaven and hell? or just one of them?? Does the Torah and/or Tanakh mention an afterlife??

Second question is:

when im done with reading the Torah i wanna buy the other two books of the Tanakh, as im not able to read Hebrew i wanna ask which translated versions of the Nevi’im and Kethuvim do you recommend?? (the translation can either be English or Danish)

Thanks :))

And have a good day!

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