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So I have a problem. Kind of a good one, but a problem nonetheless

So as I posted before, my first shidduch fell through. So I hopped on JSwipe and Saw You At Sinai, figuring I’m not gonna find anyone quick in all likelihood so lets try everything. As it turns out, I found quick and several. So we’ll deal with the inevitable problem first: When there’s someone who is seriously great but clearly not it, how to break it off? I don’t want to be a jerk, and no phone conversation (no dates, just phone so far) has gone poorly, just seems weird to say ‘Sorry I don’t think this is going anywhere, best of luck’ when the conversation was just fine. Even bigger, what about when the conversation went excellent but still isn’t the best match? Then questions might arise, and its jerky to say ‘well you’re great but this person is better’ or some variation thereof.

The other problem is who to go for. I don’t want to be leading people on, or lying, or being a jerk. There are two now that I am deciding between, each with great pros and I’m struggling to find cons for either. I’m thinking have another conversation each and see, but I don’t want to wait too long because I need to plan my President’s Day travel plans. Like when it comes down to it, I don’t know who to go for.

Any ideas on how to kindly split things off without being a jerk? And how to pick between two great options? I am 110% closed off to suggestions for now, its between two of them. I certainly did not expect to have these kinds of problems, I thought I’d be more likely to struggle finding anyone!

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