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So how am I supposed to deal with Thanksgiving if I convert to Judaism?

I’m interested in converting to Orthodox Judaism, but it just occurred to me yesterday that, according to my limited understanding of such things, I won’t be able to eat meals prepared by my family. They’re not Jewish, and many would say that they’re idolators, since they’re Christians. And of course their kitchens aren’t kosher. Other than my aunt, who is a vegetarian, they all use the same dishes and utensils for meat and milk. Doesn’t that mean that nothing they cook can possibly be kosher? I mean, I can’t just host Thanksgiving dinner every single year. I’d be totally overwhelmed trying to cook all that food at once. And obviously these same issues would apply to eating at their houses ANYTIME. I can’t just never visit my family. How should I deal with all this? I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should just remain a Noachide after all, except then I might never be able to get married because it’s very important that whoever I marry have the same religious beliefs as me and there aren’t a lot of Noachides. I do live in an area that has a Torah class for Noachides, but the rabbi who teaches it basically told me that I should’ve been killed when I was 14 for practicing idolatry (I had just rejected Christianity due to how much it had hurt me and I wasn’t willing to consider ANY Abrahamic religion, so I was interested in paganism), so I’m not going back there.

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