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Should we be proselytizing to non-Jews?

By “proselytizing” I don’t mean trying to convert someone to Judaism, rather I mean trying to get them to change their lifestyle so that they are following all of the Noahide laws.

I know that usually there is no point of trying to convert someone to Judaism since the 613 mitzvot only apply to Jews, and a gentile can be a good person without following them as long as they are following the laws of Noah.

That brings up the question, shouldn’t we at least be trying to get them to follow the laws of Noah then?

The reason I thought of this is because in Jerusalem, I saw some Chabad people at their stand. For Jews, they would ask them to put on tefillin, but for non-Jews, they would hand out a card calling on them to follow the Noahide laws and explaining what those laws are. I had never seen any such outreach to non-Jews before though, and I’m wondering why it isn’t more widespread.

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