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Should I attend Yeshiva University as a non-religious Jew or go to community college?

I could really use some advice. I grew up as a modern Orthodox Jewish girl in Israel, and I recently moved to the US. I attended a Jewish high school here in California. I’m new to the country and don’t have any friends yet.

I’m considering going to community college here in California, but my parents are encouraging me to move to New York and attend Yeshiva University. They believe the community there would be a better fit for me, and that I’d be able to make a lot of connections. They worry that I won’t meet the same kind of people at a community college.

However, there are a few concerns holding me back: 1. Yeshiva University is girls-only, and my whole life I’ve only attended girls’ schools. I’ve never really had any connections with guys, and now that I’m 18, I was hoping to change that. 2. I’m worried about the possibility of struggling to live a more secular life there, as I’m not very religious anymore.

Does anyone have experience with either Yeshiva University or community colleges, especially as someone coming from a similar background?

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