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Sephardi Siddur recommendations?

I’m looking for a new Sephardi/Edot haMizrah siddur online and there are too many to choose from. My priorities are something that includes 1) full prayers for weekday, Shabbat, and ideally Yom Tov in a readable fashion, and 2) has a large selection of piyyutim for Shabbat – especially the Iraqi piyyutim that aren’t always in the regular Sephardic siddurim (i.e. Yaarath Devash, Ashir laEl, Pinhas ben Elazar, etc)– the more are there the better. Beyond that a larger and easy to read Hebrew typeface (ideally all Hebrew, although English page numbers are nice) is ideal.

I originally had Kavanat haLev, and I enjoyed but it fell apart, although I would have looked it to have more songs. Afterwards I had Od Yosef Hai (because I thought it was supposed to be a proper Iraqi siddur) but it was missing important things like Qiddush for Yom Tov, completely lacked Shabbat piyyutim, and was full of extremely long kavanot that were difficult to get through– and then it fell apart in literally a week. I was hoping to get my hands on Tefillat Yesharim, but it’s only printed in Israel from what I can tell. Any recommendations?

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