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Sephardi – Charedi position on Zionism

I’d be grateful if someone could clarify what the mainstream Sephardi – Charedi (Shas) theological position is on Zionism.

I have heard Shas politicians like Ariyeh Deri identify as Zionists, something which is rare amongst Ashkenazi charedim.

I imagine it isn’t monolithic, but generally speaking is the Sephardi-Charedi world as non-Zionist as the Ashkenazi Charedi position?

To make the question more specific, here are some issues Ashkenazi charedim may take issue with, I wonder if Sephardim would too. If not, why?

  • waving the Israeli flag
  • singing hatikva
  • considering the modern state “the first flowering of the redemption”.

Thank you, and shavua tov.

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